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What we do

We offer a range of tours, workshops and presentations for anyone who is curious about the universe.  

Photo: Judy Jones

Science in the City, Derby

Hands-on Walking Tour



 A 90 minute walking tour of Derby's Cathedral Quarter, inspired by the city's rich scientific heritage. We will get into the spirit of investigation by stopping for hands-on science demos and to experiment with the city itself!


Tickets will be available from Derby Tourist Information


The M-Word

Maths Confidence Workshops


Do you wish you had more confidence with maths?  Do you want to see the subject in a whole new light? Would you like to chill out in a relaxed, creative environment? Would you prefer to eat your maths rather than write it down? If your answer is yes to any of those things, then why not join us on our maths confidence course? A fresh look at the nature of maths. A mixture of hands-on puzzles, savvy shopping techniques and edible pie charts - mmm!


Click the image to book your place.


Human Solar Orrery

A beautiful model for your outdoor event.


The Solar Orrery is a  scale-time model of our solar system. The orbits of the planets are marked out by solar-powered lights with the distance between them representing a certain amount of time (choose from 1 week, 2 week or 1 month options). People can then represent the planets by walking around one light at a time, and explore how the planets move relative to each other. This model is accessable on so many levels.  Beautiful to look at, great for exploring considerations for space missions and a brilliant way to get young children counting. Great as an educational resource.  Perfect as a conversation piece for an evening event. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.  We do indoor versions too! 





When stars explode, they leave behind spectacular clouds of dust and gas are formed, but the story doesn't end there. This 45 minute presentation gives an insight into the lifecycle of the stars, the origin of the planets and even your breakfast! It is acompanied by beautiful astronomical images that have been taken with world-class telescopes.



Paper Engineering


Build your very own functional telescope which you can then use to explore the heavens.  Perhaps build a spectroscope to explore the nature of light, or even a sextant and find out how to navigate by the stars.


Roll a rocket and launch it, or explore the 3D world of the platonic solids.


Create a camera or construct an optical illusion.


Photo: Astro Media

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