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Explore the universe.

Enjoy the universe

Stay curious!

We are!


We live in an amazing universe. A place that people can explore and describe in many different ways. Over millennia people have used art, mathematics, the spoken word, science, music and our ever-changing technology to try and make sense of our home. Of course we are all still continuing that journey today. 


Beyond the Pencil is a playful combination of these things which we aim to share with people from all walks of life, so put down your pencil join us as we bring music to maths, experiment with our everyday surroundings and construct a deeper picture of our world.


From school shows to telescope building workshops, science safaris in the great outdoors to after dinner events with a twist. We are certain that you will enjoy your journey with us.

Are You Curious?


Explore the scale of the universe or find out about the lifecycle of stars


Hands-on Science in the City walking  tours

Paper Engineering


From astronomical instruments to mathematical origami to launchable rockets. What will you build?

The Story of the Pencil

Why Beyond The Pencil?

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